ALEXY & ALEXY studio was created in 2006 on a solid basis of architect Andrej Alexy’s long experience and urban planner Tibor Alexy’s five decades of professional activities. An overview of their work is characterized by a number of completed buildings, interior designs and urban units, which have been featured in national and international competitions. The studio holds multiple awards from competitions such as CE.ZA.AR, the Dušan Jurkovič Award and the ARCH Award. It produces fresh, timeless, mature and at the same time user-friendly architecture based on modern concepts of using advanced materials and technologies.

  • architecture, urbanism, public space, renovation, interior design, design
  • all levels of project documentation and implementation of projects
  • urban studies and town and village maps
  • authorized and technical supervision
  • comprehensive provision of all related professions
  • consulting and counseling services
  • selection of suppliers of building works, constructions and materials
  • elaboration of investment plans
  • engineering