Anatomy of a city. Urban planner Tibor Alexy.
18. October 2022

Tibor Alexy was an urban planner to the core, no debate was complete without reflections on the city and the country, which were always grounded, visionary, but also disarmingly sober and logical. We felt it was unfair not to share this knowledge with others, so we started recording our conversations and publishing them as a book. Professor Alexy was a long-time teacher at FA STU Bratislava, we remember him as a member of the legendary trio Alexy-Kavan-Trnkus, he lectured, designed, wrote and received several awards. In addition, he was also the co-founder of the Alexy&Alexy studio and, above all, an extraordinary person with amazing knowledge and a great sense of humor. The book of interviews brings the condensed essence of his lifelong knowledge and especially a probe into the world of the 20th century, as he himself experienced and interpreted it.

Publisher: boomboom
Editor: Elena Alexy
Graphic design: Martin Kahan a Eva Šimovičová
Year of publication: 2022
ISBN: 978-80-971297-2-9