20 years Prize for Architecture
25. January 2022

CE ZA AR has 20 years of its existence, which is a reason for more comprehensive considerations. We have been looking forward to CE ZA AR twice so far - in 2005 the Mondrian apartment building scored and in 2010 the jury awarded the Etis hall. The book 20 years Prize for Architecture contains a set of texts and diagrams that speak not only about the award itself, but especially about the last two decades of Slovak architecture. All awarded works were re-photographed by Jan Kekeli with a specific poetics of dailiness, which when viewed back contrasts with the splendor of architectural photographs taken just after the end of the works. Another view is very rewarding. 

Publisher: Institute of the Slovak Chamber of Architects
Texts and data: Henrieta Moravčíková, Laura Krišteková
Photo: Jan Kekeli
Graphic design: Ľubica Segečová
Year of publication: 2021